Does anyone here look familiar? Check out 4 people entrepreneurs should say buh-bye to in 2016!

You know what’s super easy? Recognizing negative people and cutting them out of your life…

…said nobody, ever.

We’ve all had people in our lives who drain us, make us feel bad, or leave us feeling inexplicably lonely.

And the really confusing part is that, often, they’re not full-on frenemies. Maybe you’ve known them for years. Maybe you used to be really, really close.

But lately? Things seem… off.

I think you know what I mean. 2016 is should be the Year of You, but it’s going to be a heck of a lot more complicated with negative people in your life.

If any of the people listed below look familiar, it may be time to move on.

The Friend You Can’t Celebrate With

Every entrepreneur has known someone like this. Whether this “friend” is a small-biz owner themselves or not, they are someone you can’t share your victories with.

They may be sympathetic during tough times, which is why you haven’t completely cut them out of your life. But when things take a turn for the better, watch out. That’s when things get awkward.

Why the heck would your sweet, awesome friend suddenly be so standoffish? It’s difficult to say. Maybe it’s jealousy, insecurity, or self-centeredness. It could be all these and more.

Whatever the cause, you deserve a friend who’s got your back through good times and bad.

The Toxic Client

When you started out as an entrepreneur, you knew that some customers or clients would not make it on your favorites list ~ and it’s totally normal part of business ownership. But so what? You’re a pro and you handle it gracefully.

But what about that client that never pays on time, yet expects you to answer emails within the hour?

Or that client who gives you no feedback on a custom project, until the final stages… When you find out that you need to scrap everything and start again?

If a client or customer starts to make you question whether running your own business is worth it, they’re toxic. Get to a great stopping point on (or finish!) the project so you can plan your professional and graceful exit strategy. You don’t need anyone’s permission to say goodbye.

And the best part? Because you’ll be in a better headspace after letting that toxic client go, you’ll probably surface new opportunities and grow your business even more.

The Naysayer

It isn’t enough for this person not to believe in your dream. They also have to tell you (even when you haven’t asked their opinion) how difficult it is to succeed.

They have nightmarish stories (heard third-hand) about any worst-case scenario. Maybe they even have some scary statistics in their pocket, ready to whip out when you’re feeling especially anxious. The Naysayer loves talking to you about facts and telling you to be more realistic.

Underneath it all, the Naysayer might mean well ~ after all, not everyone understands the call of entrepreneurship. But one can only take so much.

As if you weren’t already living the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, their “I told you so” attitude is simply not supportive.

You may not have to cut the Naysayer out of your life completely, but do know when to hit the mute button so you can preserve your sanity.

The So-So Service Provider

Remember that thing that was supposed to make your life easier, but isn’t?

Maybe you’re working with a contractor who doesn’t seem to be delivering on their promises. Or you’re paying for a service that’s spotty or unreliable.

If you’re coping with something that’s only making your life more complicated, do yourself and your business a favor and get rid of it! Even if the extraction process if is a pain in the butt, it will be worth the trouble.

For example, let’s say your website hosting provider has terrible tech support, but you’ve been too swamped to find another provider. I get that — but what happens when your site crashes suddenly and you need help? Right. Freaking. Now?!

Set yourself up for success in the long run by making sure the people and systems surrounding your business are the best you can find. You don’t have to do it all at once. Just make it a priority to solve one nagging problem each month. Your business (and your nerves) will thank you!

If something or someone was holding you back in 2015, give yourself permission to release it. Forgive yourself and let go of that negativity. Maybe you were too overwhelmed, anxious, or scared to recognize this problem in the past. And you know what?

That’s totally okay.

As an entrepreneur, you’re already running on all cylinders. Reserve your excess energy for someone who has your best interests at heart.

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