Books We Love: Bossypants by Tina Fey

Reviewed by Rose David

Besides being snart-inducingly funny, Tina Fey’s memoir gives us a warm, honest peek into the often-chaotic life of an incredibly successful woman.

Along the way to becoming a talented writer, prolific producer, and successful female entrepreneur, she’s had to jump some serious hurdles. Fey gives us honest insights into her years as a struggling comedian/writer, plus gives us the skinny on the scrutiny that successful women have to deal with every day.

Things We Learned

It’s Not “Weird” to be the Boss

It’s comforting to know that creative powerhouses like Tina Fey still have to deal with an annoying question that many female entrepreneurs have to cope with:

“Isn’t it weird to be someone else’s boss? Isn’t it awkward telling people what to do?”

Umm, no. Not really.

Ask a male entrepreneur how many times he’s heard this question, and you’ll likely be given a blank stare. Unfortunately, most women entrepreneurs have dealt with this question on a regular basis.


It’s Not a Zero-Sum Game

Fey skewers the misconception that one woman’s success somehow inhibits another’s. Of course there’s room in theatres for more than one successful woman comedian — just the way there’s room in any industry for more than one successful female entrepreneur.

Fey’s obvious spirit of abundance shows us how awesome it can be when a successful woman uses her power to help (instead of hinder) other women.


Effortlessness is an Illusion

No matter what your gender, there’s no such thing as having it all together. And sure, we all know that, but that doesn’t stop many of us from desperately trying to do just that (or at least look like we do).

The fact is, most working parents are tired and stressed and may or may not be desperately in need of a live-in maid/biohazard removal team.

We are, all of us, working our butts off. There’s no shame in this!

Favorite Quote

Nobody asks Donald Trump how he feels about being the boss.

On being repeatedly asked on what it’s like to be the boss of so many people

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