Watch your step! Here are 5 all-too-common business mistakes — and how to avoid them…

As a wise man named Ziggy once said, “Pobody’s nerfect.” And with the seemingly endless things women entrepreneurs need to consider, can we really blame ourselves for making a misstep or two?

Here are few of the common mistakes we’ve learned from — and we hope you can avoid!

Beating Yourself Up About Work-Life Balance (Or Your Lack Thereof)

It’s becoming more and more obvious that “having it all” is nearly impossible. And yet, women entrepreneurs keep expecting ourselves to do just that. Sometimes, our businesses demand long hours and odd schedules, and most of us make it work… but not without feeling bad about other things.

So, maybe our homes aren’t picture perfect. Our socks sometimes don’t match. Maybe we spend a little too much post-work time reading our email. Who hasn’t had days like that?

Let’s be kind and just cut ourselves a little bit of slack, huh?

Planning Too Little

While there’s some debate about whether or not you need a formal business plan, it’s important not to skip the planning step entirely.

This part can be intimidating, yes, but think of it like this: you wouldn’t leave for a road trip without having some kind of map. Your plan can be flexible, but above all, it has to exist in some form.

Afraid of becoming stagnant? No worries. Set aside some time every month to create a few long- or short-term goals that make sense for your current situation. From there, you can break those down into mini-goals to keep you moving, every day.

Planning Too Much

Yes, you should absolutely have a plan. But there’s a certain point when focusing on all the smaller details can lead to analysis paralysis.

Running a successful business requires a combination of forethought and action. However, for many of us, it’s much less frightening to plan our actions than to carry them out. Even for the risk-averse, launching (and keeping) a business requires you to take a leap every now and then!

If you’re feeling antsy before a big (or small) move, try this: imagine the worst-case scenario in glorious, crushing detail. The point of this exercise isn’t to stress you out, it’s to show you that you can deal with the fallout, if need be.

Failing to Embrace Change

You should absolutely stay true to yourself, but that doesn’t mean you should be rigid in your routines or your beliefs.

If you don’t allow for any flexibility, this could spell disaster. Your business is a fluid thing — your goals and perspectives might change based upon your life, your customer demands, and a myriad of other factors. Stay true to yourself and your vision, but don’t forget that you’re allowed to innovate and change, too.

If your unsure about whether a change is right for you, ask yourself: “Is this something that would be useful for my ideal customer?” The answer could be pretty useful.

Following the Wrong Advice

It might seem strange to point this out after writing a blog post full of advice. But I’ll be the first to admit it –

Some of what I wrote today may not apply to you. And that’s okay!

As an entrepreneur, you’re forging your own path. And while we should all be ready to seek out new information and try to be receptive to feedback, ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what advice is worth trying, and what needs to be disregarded.

So, what about you, LEAP Colleagues? What business mistakes have you learned from – and how would you advise other entrepreneurs to avoid them?

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