Not sure how to follow up after a great one-on-one meeting? Check out 3 ways to knock it out of the park!

Let’s say you just had a great one-on-one meeting with someone who you want to talk with further. Maybe you’d like to partner on a one-time project or start a long-term collaboration. Maybe you’re even ready to create a business relationship that allows you to support each other and do a fair amount of brain picking.

You established a great rapport during your meeting, but now what? Relationships are tough, and whether they’re personal or professional, it’s not always clear what to do next.

What’s the best way to continue the growth of this professional relationship without being pushy or flat-out awkward? Here are three ways to move things forward…

First, Don’t Forget to Follow Up

Many of us have had great meetings with new contacts and left feeling excited about future possibilities. But then weeks or months pass without a word… What gives?

The answer could be as simple as it is preventable: One or both of you may have simply forgotten to follow up. If you have about a million things on your plate like most entrepreneurs do, then there’s a chance that some things might slip through the cracks if you don’t write them down.

After a promising one-on-one meeting, make sure to follow up in a timely fashion by using this easy trick: As soon as you leave the meeting, email or text yourself a quick reminder to follow up with your contact. Later, you can set a date for this in your calendar or favorite CRM.

Start with an Old-Fashioned Follow Up

It’s easier than ever to keep in touch when most of our contacts are just an email, text, or tweet away. But maybe our parents were right when they taught us the value of a handwritten note.

Instead of emailing or even calling, try mailing a quick, but genuine thank-you note a few days after your one-on-one. This simple gesture can go a long way toward fostering a strong relationship. Not only can you use this as an opportunity to personally thank them for their time, it might also be a nice way to recap your conversation and include a future invitation.

There’s no doubt this person is just as busy as you are, so your thank-you note can also be a gentle reminder that will keep you top of mind.

At Your Next Meeting, Share and Share Alike

Perhaps some time has passed and you’re ready for another meeting. Why not set up a face-to-face meeting between your new contact and someone they might like to meet? You can improve your professional relationships with both parties by connecting your contacts with one another.

Take a few moments to consider what you can do to enhance this person’s business — who might they like to meet?

Earning success in business can often come down to the strength of your relationships, but remember: It’s a two-way street. While it’s true that certain contacts can open doors to opportunities you may not have thought possible, your business relationships should always be mutually beneficial. By looking beyond your own interests, you may actually find that your relationships get even stronger than you expected.

When it comes right down to it, a great follow up is simply about continuing the great connection you made during your one-on-one.

Being an entrepreneur can sometimes mean walking down a lonely road, but when you meet someone who could help your business thrive, the possibilities can seem endless. You never know what might come out of meeting someone for a simple cup of coffee!

About Emily D. Tisdale, Founder & CEO

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She loves LEAP because:

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