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We’re looking for fun, thoughtful blog posts to inform, entertain, and start (or continue) a lively discussion. We’d love to get your thoughts on all things entrepreneurial. Some examples:

  • Tips for work/life balance (or embracing the imbalance!)
  • True-to-life advice about finding the right graphic designer, accountant, or other support professional
  • Any how-to article with specific, actionable steps for your Colleagues
  • Inspiration and ideas for powering through difficult times
Submissions Standards

Please submit original content. Plagiarism is not permissible. While we retain the right to reuse or modify content, your article may be previously published online or in print, so long as you retain the rights to the material.

As a guest contributor, your content submissions are unpaid. Our featured LEAP colleagues will benefit from attribution, maximized exposure to our readership and a backlink to their own site. Please read our Terms of Use before submitting your material.

All submissions should be:

  • Submitted in their entirety
  • Between 350 and 1,000 words
  • Correct in spelling and grammar
  • Provide evidence of sources, when necessary (e.g. quotations, references, links)

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