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Video content is hot right now, and it’s only going to get hotter —

But if you get the flop-sweats at the thought of appearing on camera, you’re not alone.

These days, being “on air” isn’t just about being on TV.

Whether you’re shooting a new video blog, Instagram post, going live on Periscope, recording and selling a webinar, or even doing a live television interview (eep!), you need to be confident and camera-ready.

But is “vlog” a four-letter word to you? Let’s fix that.

In this 1-hour Topic Call, we’ll tackle the tough issues that keep most of us from being perfectly poised. Learn:

  • What to Wear — and What NOT to Wear: Turns out, it’s not just about fashion. Find out which fabrics and patterns to embrace, and which to avoid at all costs.
  • How to Manage Your On-Camera Jitters: Learn the secret to being as cool, confident, and put-together possible (no matter what setting you’re in).
  • How to Nail the Details: Let’s talk about the tiny, easy-to-overlook habits in speech and mannerism that could spoil your credibility. You might not even know you’re doing them. (We sure didn’t.)

Your future clients want to see your face and engage with you on camera. Let’s make sure they see how awesome you are!

Featuring guest Sheryl Matthys, former anchorwoman and actress. Sheryl is a vivacious on-air personality who’ll share her expert tips and tricks for your picture-perfect on-camera presence!


So, What IS a Topic Call, Anyway?

It’s like a Webinar had a baby with a Chat with Your Girlfriends.

A Topic Call is an informal, interview-style meeting where we talk with a featured speaker about the entrepreneurial issues affecting your everyday business life.

Once you make your purchase, you’ll immediately be able to view/download our session, plus supplementary materials (when applicable).

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