Topic Call: Women & Jealousy


Recently, a young, intelligent student asked us a surprising question: What is LEAP’s advice for handling women and jealousy?

Turns out, jealousy is everywhere.

And while entrepreneurs are no strangers to competition, we were surprised at how this can affect women even before they enter the workforce.

Competition is healthy but when you add comparison, things can turn toxic and become jealousy.

Let’s learn how we can become better advocates for one another.

Together, we’ll go head-to-head with the green-eyed monster and have a healthy conversation about how we can move past jealousy and into a place of abundance.

Our Special Guest: Katie Utken, Butler University student & Yelp Intern


So, What IS a Topic Call, Anyway?

It’s like a Webinar had a baby with a Chat with Your Girlfriends.

A Topic Call is an informal, interview-style meeting where we talk with a featured speaker about the entrepreneurial issues affecting your everyday business life.

Once you make your purchase, you’ll immediately be able to view/download our session, plus supplementary materials (when applicable).

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