Webinar: Health & Fitness for Entrepreneurs


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For entrepreneurs, no matter what kind of business you run, stress is typically a common denominator. But even though we all know that exercise is great for stress relief–

For most of us, staying healthy is just another item on a (very) full to-do list. 

In our webinar, we give super-busy entrepreneurs like you the tools and tips you need to finally make health and fitness a priority!

Here are a few things we cover:

  • Between your lunch meetings (or skipping lunch altogether), there are plenty of roadblocks when it comes to healthy eating. Find out how to overcome these hurdles and leave ’em in the dust.

  • You’re crunched for time, so how the heck can you include exercise into your already-busy schedule? We share our top tips to get moving!

  • You know how to white-knuckle your way through a diet or exercise routine. It’s time to start thinking about long-term fitness success. Learn how to stay fit for the long haul!

Ready to get fit? Awesome. Let’s get physical!

Featuring special guest, Joy Mahoney, fitness coach extraordinaire!

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