Quiz: What’s Your Entrepreneurial Superpower?

If you’re running your own business, you’re already a superhero. We mean it — it takes guts to do this! Even if you don’t don a cape on a regular basis, we have a feeling you’ve got an awesome, entrepreneurial superpower up your sleeve. Not sure what that might be? Read on, true believer!

If you asked a friend what your best quality was, what would they say?

A) I’m a fresh thinker! I always have a new idea or project in mind.
B) I’m good at taking logical steps toward goals. I give great advice!
C) They would say that I’m friendly, welcoming, and always ready to chat.
D) My friends admire how committed and disciplined I can be, even when projects get tough.

You’ve got a day to do whatever you want — how would you spend it?

A) I’d probably try out that new restaurant I heard about.
B) Hmm. That depends on what would give me the most stress relief. Let me weigh my options.
C) I’d spend the day goofing off with my friends and family, then go to a dinner party that evening with a group of new people.
D) A whole day to myself? I’d relax, definitely… But would it break the rules for me to sneak in a few items from my Must Do list?

What’s the thing you love the most about running a business?

A) The freedom to try new things. So much potential!
B) I love my ability to see so (and affect) so many aspects of my business — I love having this much in-depth knowledge about all the little details.
C) My favorite thing is getting the word out and connecting people with the solutions my business provides!
D) It’s hard to choose a favorite, really. Each day of hard work brings a cool, new discovery.

If your worst enemy were describing you, how would they do it?

A) They would say I was flighty and inconsistent.
B) They’d say I was cold and too dispassionate.
C) What worst enemy? I’m friends with everyone! (Though I guess I do talk too much, sometimes.)
D) Oh, boy. They would say that I’m as stubborn as a mule.

Oh, no! It’s the zombie apocalypse! What’s the first thing you would do to keep your group of friends and family safe?

A) For starters, I’d create a makeshift security wall to keep out the shambling hordes.
B) I’d do a comprehensive run-down of our individual skills and talents, so we can make a plan that capitalizes on our unique abilities.
C) First things first: I want to make sure that everyone is feeling optimistic and up to the challenge of fighting those zombies.
D) I’d get more supplies for us — and fight through a whole crowd of zombies to do it. Bring it on!

Which fictional hero or heroine would you most like to hang out with?

A) MacGuyver, of course! He’s always coming up with a new, unexpected solution to an impossible problem.
B) Sherlock Holmes. Who wouldn’t want to make conversation with such a brilliant guy?
C) Gossip Girl. Who doesn’t want to know what she’s been digging up?
D) Veronica Mars, because she’s tough, smart, and always tenacious.

Mostly A's | Your Superpower Is...

Your Capacity for Innovation

We have a feeling you’re never out of new ideas. You have a talent for seeing potential improvements in existing products, ideas, or services, and for sensing new opportunities. Nice!

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

You have a unique gift for seeing new opportunities, so give yourself the freedom to explore the possibilities of your own projects. And while you’re at it, why not use this superpower to help clients develop and optimize their businesses?

Mostly B's | Your Superpower Is...

Your Analytical Know-How

You make facts-based decisions based with an eye toward profit. You’re the kind of entrepreneur who’s got a firm grasp on her company’s bottom line.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

It’s rare to find an entrepreneur with your talent for staying in the black, even on a limited budget. Your strategic decision-making skills are a boon to your company, but have you considered sharing your advice with your fellow business owners? We have a feeling that your thoughtful perspective would be much appreciated.

Mostly C's | Your Superpower Is...

Your Awesome Social Acumen

Your high social-awareness means that you’re great at building relationships, which is especially valuable to networking.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

You social butterfly, you. You’ve got a knack for building relationships with those around you — maybe you could use your social savvy to create a connections within your (probably large) network? Not only will you get the word out about your own business, you’ll also be helping your fellow entrepreneurs grow their own networks.

Mostly D's | Your Superpower Is...

Your True Grit

No doubt about it, you’re ready to do whatever needs to be done to build a successful venture — you are determined and hard-headed (in the best way).

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

You’ve got the mental toughness to succeed despite tough odds and limited hours, and we think that’s awesome. We have a feeling other entrepreneurs would think so, too. Have you ever thought about offering coaching services? Even if you don’t see yourself waving pom-poms any time soon, we think you’re a natural-born cheerleader.

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