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Meet Cat Hepple of Light Of A Thousand Stars


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Cat Hepple is a former national BBC TV news presenter and reporter with more than 17 years broadcasting experience. She now coaches female entrepreneurs in public speaking and presenting, helping them find their voice and get seen and heard.

She’s a devoted mum who, in addition to studying for an MA in Broadcast Journalism, is also learning to sing opera!

Let’s Take 5 with Cat

What is one piece of advice you’d give to your first-year-in-business self?

Have a strategy with a clear set of goals. Focus only on those goals and block out all other noise.

What is your favorite app or tool?

Canva is something I use every day in my business, and it’s revolutionized graphics for me.

What is one mistake you’ve made that you’ve learned from?

Not recognizing my own worth. Like many women I’ve undervalued the transformation I can offer, and been afraid to price my services correctly. I’ve had to do a lot of mindset work to overcome that hurdle, but now I’m certain and clear about the value of what I offer.

If they made a movie of your life, who would you want to play you?

Emma Watson. She’d be the younger version of me of course, but she’s principled, strives to empower women and has impeccable dress sense. 🙂

What’s one thing you wish more women entrepreneurs knew?

That they are amazing. They have so much to offer and give. They are as incredible and as beautiful as the Light Of A Thousand Stars.

All About Light of a Thousand Stars

With years of front line BBC broadcast experience and training, Cat Hepple’s business is all about giving heart-led women a powerful and effective voice.

Cat helps women with everything from going live on Facebook or Periscope, to preparing for speaking tours and appearing on TV . There’s no stuffy corporate speak — this is all about finding an authentic voice and using it to win clients.

Be sure to stay in touch with Cat!

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