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Meet Crystal Grave of Snappening

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Crystal Grave is the founder of Snappening and a travel adventurer with localXplore. She’s also a career marketer with 15+ years of experience with digital and traditional media, in addition to being a general party lover/celebrant and a volunteer for a variety of charities.

A midwestern native, Crystal presently hangs her hat in Denver (with recent stops in Seattle, San Francisco, and Austin). However, she’ll always be a Hoosier at heart.

Let’s Take 5 with Crystal

What is one piece of advice you’d give to your first-year-in-business self?

It gets better. I promise.

What is your favorite app or tool?

Toodledo. This is a task management app I use daily. I used to find myself making to-do lists, and then constantly needing to remake them each time the avalanche of new tasks came my way. It wasn’t an efficient use of time.

Now, I make one digital list, and keep moving items forward. It really makes sure all those things I can’t forgot to do don’t take up extra head space. (For example, I reminded myself I needed to do this interview!)

What is one mistake you’ve made that you’ve learned from?

Keeping life imbalanced doesn’t always net the greatest results. Early in the process, you often think, “If I just get this one more thing done, take this one more meeting, make this one other sales call, then I can go do X. I can spend time with Y. I can enjoy Z.”

Don’t do that to yourself. Make a commitment to making time for you. Owning a business will zap a lot of your energy for things you love, and sometimes you’ll look back and regret what you’ve missed.

If they made a movie of your life, who would you want to play you?

Reese Witherspoon. (Really for no other reason than the 20+ people who have told me that I reminded them of her.) More recently, I get a lot of Samantha Bee, and I’m pretty happy with that option too. That lady has some wicked wit. You may not like her style, or politics or message, but there’s no denying her talent and speed of delivery.

What’s one thing you wish more women entrepreneurs knew?

If it was a day you didn’t fail, you just made it further than about 99% of everyone else. Have a glass of wine. Pat yourself on the back. Eat the dessert. You’ve earned it.

Women so often focus on everything that didn’t go right and pay no attention to what did. You have to celebrate your wins, or you’ll drive yourself mad doing this.

(Side Note – A second tool I really like is Trello for vision boarding. I made myself a “You Did It! You Rockstar!” tab purely so I could see what we did get done, and not only what remained. I always feel a little better when I look at that list. We are always accomplishing a lot.)

All About Snappening

Snappening helps users find places to have parties and the pros to help them plan them. In 2011, the company was born out of a real-life need by a real-life consumer doing what we all want to do most – plan an exceptional event to create a lasting memory.

Be sure to stay in touch with Snappening on Facebook, TwitterInstagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google +.

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