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Meet Amy Stark of Digital Dames, Inc.


LEAP for Women Take 5 Interview with Amy Stark

Amy is a Digital Communications Designer with a passion for connecting people via social media. As founder and organizer of the Social Media Dames UnConference, she’s been instrumental in connecting hundreds of female business owners in Indiana.

Described by others as a “social media architect,” “viral-marketing guru,” and “The Twitter Empress of Indiana,” Amy is an accomplished author, logician, public-speaker, Internet geek, arts-lover and mom.

Let’s Take 5 with Amy

What is one piece of advice you’d give to your first-year-in-business self?

Set a daily routine and stick to it. Choose a time to begin your workday, and then imagine you have a boss waiting for you and tapping her watch. Make it doable for your tendencies, but stick to it!

What is your favorite app or tool?

Twitter! You may have wanted a different answer, like Buffer or If This Then That, but Twitter is the most important tool since the invention of the printing press in the 15th century. Twitter turns all mobile devices – even basic cell phones – into a way to communicate and collaborate with anyone else on the planet who owns a cell-phone. Currently there are over 5 BILLION cell phone subscriptions and this number will only get bigger.

What is one mistake you’ve made that you’ve learned from?

My biggest mistake was marrying my ex-husband but my daughter is a kick-ass result of that mistake. If you make a mistake in business, accept it, move on, and make it work for you. It might be the one mistake that will turn you in the direction of your greatest achievement.

If they made a movie of your life, who would you want to play you?

My daughter.

What’s one thing you wish more women entrepreneurs knew?

All businesses should have something they can sell via IP — Internet Protocol — the language of the Internet. Anything not made of matter can be translated into the language of the Net, including: books, music, art, knowledge, connections. Once they have an product that can be translated into IP, they MUST hang out where their audience is online. If your audience is on Pinterest there’s no sense wasting time on Instagram, for example.

All About Digital Dames, Inc.

Since 2008, Amy Stark has been the co-founder of Digital Dames, Inc. (alongside Toshika Helm). They offer consulting and connecting services to help personal and professional brands amplify their online voice. Their mission: “to design and implement digital strategies that help our clients raise more money or sell more stuff.”

Be sure to stay in touch with Amy on Twitter. Follow her @AmyStark!

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