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Meet Trezanay Atkins of IGNIS


Litigation publicist | host of I’m Just Saying #IJSwTA | former litigator | expert opinion giver | head volleyball coach

Let’s Take 5 with Trezanay

What is one piece of advice you’d give to your first-year-in-business self?

Save two years worth of business and personal expenses and try really hard not to make a life altering decision during those two years to disrupt your financial well-being. Like… having another child. Yikes.

What is your favorite app or tool?

Google Apps. Android everything!

What is one mistake you’ve made that you’ve learned from?

An unplanned pregnancy sent my entire business down the tubes. I made poor financial decisions during that time to survive, and I’m still paying for those decisions.

If they made a movie of your life, who would you want to play you?

Tichina Arnold (“Pamela James” on Martin, and “Rochelle” on Everybody Hates Chris) or Gina Torres (“Jessica Pearson” on Suits)

What’s one thing you wish more women entrepreneurs knew?

You can’t have it all. You can’t do it all. So you better have a partner at work, and a partner at home. And by partner, I mean someone who shares with you the responsibilities and the rewards!

All About IGNIS

Winning or losing in the court of public opinion can be just as important as what happens in the courtroom. IGNIS helps clients and their lawyers develop communication strategies that support and enhance their legal strategies. IGNIS will work with the media to help them understand the case and assist them in the gathering of information, quotes, photos, videos, etc. so that the final published story reflects the position of the client.

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