Your biz life is about to get easier with these three techie tools we just can’t live without…

As a business owner, you’ve always got your eye out for the latest and greatest when it comes to tools that can make your business stronger and your life easier. But while there are always new and innovative products on the horizon, there are a few tried-and-true basics that have proven themselves as must-haves for any business.

Nowadays, technology can (and should) be a business owner’s best friend. Here are some techie things we can’t live without…

Techie Tool #1: Google Voice

It’s no secret that when it comes to today’s preferred method of communication, e-mail is king. However, the importance of voice-to-voice conversations can’t be overlooked when it comes to connecting with your clients. E-mail just doesn’t carry the personal touch that chatting on the phone can bring.

However, no one wants to use a personal phone for business and adding a second line can be expensive. Google Voice is a phenomenal tool that solves both of these problems. Not only does the service provide you with a free phone number, you’re also able to access calls, texts, and voicemails via computer and mobile.

Techie Tool #2: A Smartphone You Love

Everyone has a smartphone these days, and there’s no reason why you can’t make yours work better for you and your business. The proliferation of apps for virtually everything under the sun means that it’s easier than ever to conquer your to-do list – even while you’re on the go. (Most of our Tools We Love feature matching smartphone apps that integrate seamlessly with your desktop experience.)

To make sure you’re getting the best use of your smartphone, make sure you fully understand your mobile operating system and utilize the features and tools available. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer iOS or Android; the most important thing is that your smartphone is fast and reliable. This may be as simple as updating your software, or it might be time for an upgrade.

Whatever your circumstance, the ultimate goal is to smoothly integrate your smartphone into your main workspace.

Techie Tool #3: A Laptop or Tablet

One of the great things about entrepreneurship is the freedom to not only set our own hours, but also the flexibility to work wherever you want. But when your workspace isn’t limited to a particular location, you have to be able to easily set up shop and get to work.

Mobile apps are great for doing a few tasks on the fly, but to really get down to business, it’s time to invest in a laptop or tablet. Find a model that can handle your needs, and you’ll find that working remotely is much easier. As long as you have access to Wi-Fi, there’s virtually no limit to what you’ll be able to accomplish. At the end of the day, there’s no reason why you can’t do some of your best work remotely!

Just as technology is always evolving, your needs are likely to change as well. If you find that a tool just isn’t working for you anymore, don’t be afraid to change things up. You may just need an upgrade, or there might be a new and exciting app that will better meet your needs.

When it comes to using technology to boost your day-to-day business operations, it’s less about being a tech guru and more about finding the tools and setup that work best for you.

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