Saying goodbye to your day job can be nerve-wracking. Here are 3 ways to take the leap and land on your feet!

The truth is, it’s downright scary to quit your job to focus solely on running your own business. Even if you’ve wanted to be a full-time business owner for what seems like forever, making your dream a reality can still seem daunting.

When you’re about to set out on your entrepreneurial adventure, it’s normal to feel some trepidation. However, just a little planning can help you ensure a smooth landing when you decide to take the leap.

Look Beyond Your Business

Transitioning from an employee to a business owner will affect all aspects of your life. While the change will have the largest impact on you personally, it’s also important to think about how your endeavor will affect those closest to you.

While entrepreneurship can provide great flexibility, it can also take up your time beyond the traditional working hours. Your routine will change when you strike out on your own, and this will impact your family’s routines.

Take the time to include everyone in the decision-making process. Keeping those closest to you in the loop about the changes to come will help ease their fears, and you may find that they’re even more supportive than you expected!

Take a Hard Look at Your Financials

The thought of walking away from a steady paycheck can keep many of us chained to our day jobs way past their expiration date. That’s why it’s so important for you to truly have a grasp on your finances and budget before striking out on your own.

While it’s a good first step to have some money tucked away, you’ll also need to determine how much income your business will need to bring in for you to survive.

Remember: This is not the time for guessing. There’s no room for error here. You need a hard number so you can make an informed decision about whether you’re ready to work full-time on your business.

Commit to a Timeline for Leaving Your Day Job

Once you’ve communicated with your loved ones and done some serious number crunching, you might decide that it’s time to begin taking the next steps. If you’re ready to tell corporate America goodbye, give your exit strategy a timeline and hold yourself accountable to it.

You’ll likely still feel more than a little nervous to take the leap into full-time business ownership, and that’s okay. Take some time to consider exactly what needs to happen next, then make a list of actionable steps.

Armed with your to-do list of all the things you need to accomplish, you can get yourself in gear and check off those tasks! You may even surprise yourself and reach your goal quicker than anticipated.

Taking the leap into full-time business ownership is scary, thrilling, and difficult – but completely worth it. It’s one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make, which is why it’s so important to plan and prepare before starting your journey.

Remember everyone is different, so what worked for others may not work for you. And that’s okay! This is your dream, and only you know when the time is right to make it a reality.

When your time comes to quit your day job, enjoy the journey. The best is yet to come!

About Emily D. Tisdale, Founder & CEO

Meet the brains — and heart — behind LEAP for Women. Emily is LEAP’s guiding force, committed to supporting women entrepreneurs at every stage in their journey.

She loves LEAP because:

We’re an authentic resource for women who want the nitty-gritty details of running a business. I want everyone to have the same amazing resources I had.

A resident of Indiana, Emily prides herself on being a transplanted Hoosier and enjoys watching Colts football and spending time with her husband and their two children.

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