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On those days when you feel like you’ve been running behind since breakfast, meditation can be like an instant vacation. A few minutes (or even seconds) of deep breathing can help clear your mind and cut your stress. Even better, a regular meditation habit can help you reduce your overall stress level and even boost your health.

Meditation is great… But the problem is knowing how to start. It seems so simple: You just sit quietly and let your mind go blank, right?

Well, sure. Except that, inevitably, your thoughts start to come a mile a minute, adding noise to a moment that’s supposed to be quiet and serene. What the heck? Suddenly this meditation thing is getting pretty stressful.

For beginning meditators, it can be hard to get over this challenge. But with Stop, Breathe & Think, a guided meditation app, it’s easy to get on track.

Reasons We Love It

Custom Recommendations for Every Mood

You’ve put aside the time to meditate but you’re not sure how or what to do. Do you sit and try to clear your mind? Or should you instead try to observe those racing thoughts? If you’re feeling uncertain about what type of meditation would benefit you, no worries! The app makes it easy to find the right guided meditation by asking a few simple questions about how you’re feeling. Take a moment to consider where your mind and body are, answer the questions honestly, and then get your personalized recommendations. Easy!


Keep Track of Your Progress

Building a new habit can be difficult. Especially in the first few weeks, it’s hard to maintain motivation when you’re not sure your efforts are paying off. Luckily, this app has a great progress screen with fun digital stickers that commemorate your achievements. Not only can you easily keep track of how many hours you’ve meditated and how well you’re sticking to your new habit, the stickers are cute and whimsical, reminding you not to take things so seriously. (And isn’t that the point of meditation?)


An App You Can Grow With

Stop, Breathe & Think will help you get started with a generous variety of free, guided meditations, but they’re adding new meditations regularly as part of a paid subscription model. Once you feel ready to move beyond the introductory meditations, there’s plenty of material to work with. However, even without the premium content, this app remains a strong addition to your self-care arsenal, with new, free content offered regularly.


Our Favorite Feature

The app is functional and great for long-term use with its plethora of free content; however, purchasing extra meditations supports a great not-for-profit organization, Tools for Peace. The organization is dedicated to helping at-risk youth by harnessing the power of mindfulness to encourage kindness and compassion. While there are many meditation apps out there, we feel especially good about investing in its premium features because of the great cause that the app supports.

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