Tools We Love: Brain.FM

Sometimes it’s hard to put away the smartphone and turn off your notifications, but when you’re ready to tackle a big, complicated project, unplugging is essential for getting in the zone.

But even when you turn off your devices (or just put them on silent), it can still be difficult to really get into a flow state. For those of us who are used to having our attention forcibly pulled in a dozen different directions, the act of sitting and focusing on just one task (however complicated or challenging) can be difficult.

If you find your attention still wandering, why not pop in those ear buds and try Brain.FM, the background music that gives your brain a boost? Brain.FM won’t do the work for you (where’s the fun in that?) but it can help you focus and, after just a few minutes, maybe even get in the zone.

Reasons We Love It

Beyond the Playlist

Cranking up your favorite songs before a work session can be a great way to get yourself in the perfect kick-butt-take-names mood, but playing these songs as you work might actually be hurting your productivity. If you’re playing your favorite work anthems, then you might spend more time humming than working.

During a work session, wordless background music is sometimes best. Classical music is a popular option, but if you’re not a fan, then Brain.FM offers a variety of options, from cinematic to chimes to electronic.


A Step Above Ambient Noise

While working at your favorite café, who wouldn’t prefer the sound of a thunderstorm or a crackling fire to the voice of that guy two tables over who’s yelling into his cell phone?

But while other ambient noise apps just try to distract you from the sounds around you, Brain.FM wants to use sound and music as a tool for focus, relaxation, or even sleep (depending upon what settings you use). And while Brain.FM features a rich selection of musical choices, they also offer more traditional ambient noise selections like rainstorms, beach sounds, and wind.


No WiFi? No Problem!

If you really want to unplug, Brain.FM will still be there with you every step of the way. Simply install the smartphone app (a must-have for working on the go), then download a session directly to your phone. We recommend saving a two-hour session (the longest available), but you can also save in shorter increments.

When it’s time to get focused with Brain.FM, you can still put your phone in Airplane Mode and avoid those distracting alerts!


Never the Same Song Twice

While we do love a good playlist, listening to the same songs over and over during a long work session can be a little annoying. With Brain.FM, this will never be a problem.

Brain.FM gives you a ton of different options when it comes to what you’ll be piping into your ear buds. Their “Focus” mode alone has a dozen musical styles from which to choose, with more on the way. With all of these options, there’s plenty to explore. (We love the “Chimes and Bowls Focus.”)

And, even after you’ve found your perfect match, you’re still guaranteed a fresh experience because each song is created by artificial intelligence. The possibilities are limitless.

Our Favorite Feature

Though we still love to turn on Spotify and Pandora during our workday, the occasional commercial interruption is often enough to jar us out of a flow state. With Brain.FM, commercials will never be a problem. In fact, you can enjoy sessions of up to 2 hours without any interruptions at all.

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