Tools We Love: Grammarly

Alright. Brace yourself. The story we’re about to tell will fill you with terror…

The business owner opened up Twitter on her browser, ready to share her latest, greatest product with the world. They’re going to love it! she thought.

She quickly typed out her message and pressed SEND.

But the smile on her face turned into a grimace when she saw her own words thrown back at her.

Your going to live our new product! declared her latest status update.

“Nooooo!” cried the business owner.

Okay, okay… This is might be more cringe-worthy than terrifying, but there’s nothing that makes us facepalm like finding a (usually simple) grammar or spelling mistake in one of our tweets, status updates, or emails.

Well-written copy should always be part of a consistent brand voice, but even for those of us who see ourselves as word nerds, grammar can be challenging. Who among us hasn’t missed a hyphen here or a comma there? Plus, autocorrect can sometimes bring out the worst in us, which can lead to… interesting results.

The answer, of course, is careful proofreading of every. Single. Sentence.

And after you’ve proofread your words, it’s also important to get a new set of eyes on things.

But for those of us who produce a lot of written content (between emails, blog posts, and status updates, who doesn’t?), there’s no need to hire a personal editor: You’ve got Grammarly for that.

4 Reasons We Love It

Run Off Your Run-On Sentences

In addition to checking for basic grammar and spelling mistakes, the pro version of Grammarly also applies style checkers for run-on sentences, weak verbs, and other common issues. Often, Grammarly will even suggest alternative phrases or words. While you may not make use of every recommendation, your writing will likely be a little bit stronger.


It’s All About Context

Grammar does have hard-and-fast rules, but when it comes to crafting a strong piece of writing, flexibility is a must. Sometimes, perfect grammar just sounds stuffy or inappropriate.

Your writing style should change between media – for example, your personal blog will be written in a very different style from a scholarly paper. The pro version of Grammarly understands this and will adjust its proofing standards for the piece you’re currently writing (a handy feature for those of us who wear many different hats).


Press SEND with Confidence

For bite-sized chunks of information like status updates, it can be impractical to visit to double-check your work. Instead, Grammarly offers a set of convenient browser plugins so that all of your tweets, status updates, and even your emails can be checked automatically for common errors.

Whether you’re typing into a comment form, drafting a post in WordPress, or just writing a status update on Facebook, Grammarly’s got your back.


Microsoft Word Integration

Windows users get the added bonus of a Grammarly plugin right there in Microsoft Word. While we do wish this handy feature would make an appearance on the Mac version of Word, we can’t deny that our Windows-loving friends have got it pretty darn good.

Never fear, Mac users… You can import your Microsoft Word docs into Grammarly (this is particularly useful for long documents). When you’re done, just export the file again as another Word document. (According to Grammarly, your formatting will be retained during this process, though it may not appear onscreen at

Our Favorite Feature

Grammarly doesn’t claim to replace the careful eye of a human editor, but for those of us who write a lot of content, a flesh-and-blood editor may not always be possible. After performing our own careful edits, Grammarly takes its place in our workflow as yet another set of eyes to review (and improve) our written copy.

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