Tools We Love: Notes App

Do you ever have random thoughts, but no place to put them? Or maybe you can’t remember where you jotted down that great idea you had for a future project?

Inspiration can strike when you least expect it – and when you’re least able to record the idea. From random scraps of paper, to crumpled napkins, to forgotten sticky notes, our methods for capturing those thoughts were as random and scattered as the thoughts themselves. But then we stumbled across the Notes app (an app for Apple products) and it has changed the way we stay inspired!

No longer are our brilliant ideas, random thoughts, or important reminders lost within the whirlwind of our brains. Our ideas aren’t lost in the clouds. They’re saved to the cloud and are always at our fingertips, ready to blossom into full-blown projects.

4 Reasons We Love It

Just Enough Options

While most simple note-type applications tend to be fairly basic with limited options in the way of organization, Notes provides a variety of functions that are extremely useful for organizing your thoughts. You can create folders to categorize your different buckets of thoughts (i.e., home, work, new ideas, etc.). You can also format headings, make lists (that you can actually check off!), and even attach photos and create sketches for helpful references to accompany those hare-brained ideas.


Look, Siri, No Hands!

No worries if a great idea or random thought comes while you’re driving, groceries are in hand, or you just don’t feel like typing. You can still “jot down” your ideas with the help of Siri – no hands required. No longer will you have to worry about forgetting that random thought. Just ask Siri to jot down the note for you so you can reference it later. Then make it even easier on yourself by asking Siri to set an alarm for later so you can review your new note.


Sensitive Thoughts on Lockdown

Want ready access to your budget or expense list, but concerned a digital copy could easily be seen by others? No problem. Set a password for those notes with sensitive information so that you know they’ll be kept private or at least on the DL. It’s perfect for financial info, but this is also a nice feature if you want to keep track of the gifts you’ve gotten your loved ones, or save information about that new project you’re quietly working on.

Our Favorite Feature

Notes is our one-stop shop for note-taking because of its functionality and ease of use. It fits easily in your pocket and syncs across all of your Apple devices. Anytime we find something that is so simple yet effective (in addition to being so easily accessible), it’s an automatic 5-star rating in our books! Never again will we be left scratching our brains in frustration, trying to remember what it was we wanted to remember – a small but mighty victory.

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