Tools We Love: The 5-Minute Journal App

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Here’s the thing about journaling.

We know how important it is (especially gratitude journaling), but getting into the habit seems impossible if you’re not already in the swing of things. We’ve all bought a beautiful journal, fully intending to write in it every night, only to watch it gather dust after a few weeks.

Plus, there’s the time factor: who has time to write a new journal entry every day, or even every few days?

Well, not to worry. There’s an app for that. 🙂

Introducing: The Five Minute Journal app.

Reasons We Love It

Gentle Reminders at Times that Work For You

One obstacle that kept us from building a consistent journaling habit is simply remembering to write in the first place. However, this app makes the process memory-proof by reminding you when it’s time to write in your journal. And since it only takes a few minutes to fill out an entry, there’s no room for procrastination.


Buh-Bye, Blank Page

Journaling can be intimidating if you’re facing a blank page. With this app, you’ll never have that problem. Each entry asks you several thought-provoking (but quick) questions designed to emphasize the positive aspects of your day. Writing in your journal is as simple and easy as listing a few things that made you happy.


Intentionality Made Easy

In your morning entry, the app asks you to consider what you will do to make the coming day a great one. While you may not always accomplish everything on your to-do list, setting goals can do a lot to steer you in the right direction. Lately, we like to use this section to remind ourselves to be more mindful, open, and, optimistic.

Our Favorite Feature

By focusing on the positive aspects of your day, you’re setting yourself up for a happier outlook. The questions in the Five Minute Journal app have helped us set a beneficial tone that continues forward into the rest of the day. And, when filling out our prompts at night, we go to bed with a greater sense of gratitude and wonder. What’s not to love?

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