Tools We Love: Buffer

Do you have a love-hate relationship with social media? Or maybe you’ve tried Hootsuite and loved it, but feel like it’s time to step it up a notch?

Introducing: Buffer, an even better way to stay connected and visible on social media. For a small, monthly fee, Buffer’s upgraded features are perfect for your growing or established business.

Here are just a few reasons we adore this low-cost social-media management tool…

4 Reasons We Love It

Posting Made Easy

Running your own business (and/or working a day job while also running your business) can make it difficult to post in real-time. But there’s a solution for that! Not only does Buffer allow you to schedule your posts in advance, you can also set different schedules for each social media platform. That way, you’ll keep each feed distinct and active – all while making it to that lunchtime networking event. It’s like magic!


Everything in One Place

With all the social media platforms available to us, it can be hard to remember what information to post on which platform. Fret no more! Use Buffer and all your social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+) can be accessible in one place. You can connect up to 10 accounts, giving you plenty of room to grow. (You can even add your personal accounts to simplify your digital life.)



While posting your statuses in a timely fashion is a feat in itself, it’s also nice to know how well those posts are doing. Are you driving traffic to your website? Did your followers find a particular post-and-pic combination engaging? Now you can stop the guessing game. Buffer provides advanced analytics and filters (you can learn for sure which of your posts were most or least popular), plus you can connect your Google Analytics to get an even more accurate picture.


Built-In Link Shortening

Buffer will automatically shorten long links using the service of your choice, saving you precious characters and giving your posts a cleaner look. Now you can skip the extra step of going to another site, pasting in your link, then copying and pasting the shortened link into your post (who has time for that!?). With Buffer, you don’t even have to give it a second thought.

Our Favorite Feature

Buffer’s easy, all-in-one setup helps us keep up the kind of robust social media feeds that create dozens of daily opportunities to engage with our audience. It’s not just about posting frequently (although, yeah, that’s part of it) – Buffer gives us more time and energy to respond personally to comments, and with its in-depth analytics, we’re always ready to provide our audience with the content that matters to them.

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