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UPDATE (June 2016) 
Hi, Colleagues! We recently had a challenging customer service experience with Dropbox that we feel is important to share with you. Note that the review below is still valid — Dropbox still gets an A+ from us for their functionality. Unfortunately, after the incident we experienced, we’d give their customer service a solid F.
Most of us have had at least a few bad customer service experiences in our lives. And, in most cases, it’s not just what happened but what happens AFTER the incident happens, right? So, yes, a mistake or something that doesn’t meet our expectation occurs, but what really adds insult to injury is the what happens after the mistake. That’s where our disappointment with Dropbox comes in.
WHAT HAPPENED: Long story short, we had to restore our account from Dropbox for Business (which, due to a confusing process, we didn’t realize the impact it would have on our account) back to Dropbox Pro. And that, dear Colleagues, is when the trouble started. Tech support was difficult to reach — despite being paid Pro users, we had no other way to get in contact with tech support outside of the “submit a ticket and wait 1-3 days for a response” route. The process to restore the account was hugely inconvenient. No bueno for this time-strapped small biz.
WHAT HAPPENED AFTER IT HAPPENED: Despite the inconveniences and potential detriment to our business, we don’t feel that Dropbox customer service cared at all about how the experience affected us, their customer. There’s nothing more disappointing than feeling as if a finger is being pointed at you…especially when the entire burden and trickle-down effects of the incident laid directly on our small biz.
Needless to say, we’re not pleased with how Dropbox handled the situation, and we don’t want to share this (otherwise glowing) review with our fellow small-business owners without noting what a difficult time we had with Dropbox customer service. 
As a small-biz owner, we understand that time and money are big factors in all decisions you make. If you never run into any issues with your account, you won’t have to worry about dealing with Dropbox customer service. But in our case, we were incredibly disappointed at how un-helpful they were during our crunch time.
Fingers crossed that your experience will be better!

True story: It was less than a week before a big design project was due, which of course, was when the hard-working laptop of our Creative Director, Feliza, decided to take a vacation. According to the Genius Bar, Feliza’s laptop would need to head off to sunny California for some brand-new circuitry.

Now, we don’t begrudge anyone some fun in the sun, but come on.

Feliza’s Laptop, we were so not in the mood for this.

However, all was not lost – we were still able to turn in our project on time because we had housed everything on our favorite online storage solution: Dropbox.

4 Reasons We Love It

Stay in Sync Across Devices

In the case of Feliza’s unexpected laptop breakdown, Dropbox literally saved our project. Because our files weren’t housed on Feliza’s hard drive, she was able to hit the ground running with a borrowed computer. After installing a few of her favorite programs, she then synced the borrowed computer with her Dropbox. In no time at all, she was able to get back to work. Otherwise, we surely would have missed that deadline.


Do We Have Company?

Another great feature: if you install the Dropbox app on your Mac or PC, Dropbox now tells you if someone else is viewing the same file and has unsaved changes. This is a lifesaver for teams who collaborate on project files. Now you can avoid the dreaded issue of having several versions of a long file with small, near-indistinguishable changes to each.


Take a Step Back

With automatic backups of files, Dropbox will actually allow you to roll back files to previous versions. While it’s not a feature that we want to use frequently, it’s certainly a feature that has saved us hours of work when a file has accidentally become corrupted.​

Our Favorite Feature

If you have a computer that’s tight on storage space, you won’t have to part with your old files – or store them in an inconvenient place.

The Dropbox app offers selective file syncing, meaning you can choose to store certain folders only on the Dropbox servers. You’ll still have access to them via, but these files will no longer take up space on your hard drive.

For us, this has been particularly useful for old photos and videos. Visual artists will love being able to stash all their old project files, stock photos, and other resources without killing their hard drives.

About Feliza David, Creative Director


Think of Feliza as LEAP’s very own Don Draper, except without the hard partying. (The only thing she binges on is Netflix.) From tool reviews to learning modules to eye-catching graphics, Feliza probably had her hand in it.

She loves LEAP because:

It’s a safe, collaborative space that supports the unique needs of female entrepreneurs.

Feliza lives in Indiana with her husband, two dogs, one cat, and the occasional goldfish. When she’s not writing, drawing, or reading, she’s probably sleeping.

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