Tools We Love: Wave

You already know the importance of smart bookkeeping, but knowing where to begin can be daunting.

And, while there’s no shortage of options for your accounting needs, many of the programs out there just look too complicated, too pricey, or just don’t seem well-suited for a small business.

Whether your current accounting processes need an overhaul or you’re starting from scratch, Wave, a cloud-based accounting program, may be just what you’ve been waiting for. Simple, yet efficient, Wave’s standard features are unlimited and totally free. (If you choose to utilize the program for credit card/bank processing and/or payroll, there is a pay-as-you-go fee.)

Reasons We Love It

It’s a Snap to Get Started AND Keep Growing

Designed with the small-business owner in mind, Wave makes setting up your account quick and easy. Once you’ve done a simple email verification, you can import your client list from a CSV file or your Google Contacts.

You can also manually enter your clients, which is a nice feature as your business grows. As an added bonus, if you have multiple businesses, you can track and manage all with a single Wave account.


Everything You Need at a Glance

It’s no secret that life as an entrepreneur can be hectic, and it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of all things all the time. Luckily, Wave makes things a little easier with its full-featured dashboard.

At every login, you’re automatically taken to your account’s dashboard. Featuring easy-to-understand charts for Income & Expenses, Payable & Owing, Net Income, and Business Expenses, the dashboard makes staying on top of your finances a breeze.


Invoicing Doesn’t Have to Be a Chore

Have you ever been frustrated with invoice templates or feature functionality in other accounting programs? Wave is here to solve those woes.

Functional and simple, Wave allows you to fully customize your invoices while still utilizing an easy-to-use template. The best part is that once you’ve got your invoice set up, you simply click “Add a Customer” and select from your automatically populated client list or choose “Create a New Customer.”

Sending and tracking your payments is also a breeze, with the option to send invoices to your clients directly or with Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo. Alternatively, you can also download your invoice as a PDF.

Our Favorite Feature

No matter your bookkeeping comfort or skill level, Wave is a great tool to help keep you focused and on track when it comes to accounting. And, because it’s accessible through your browser and iOS/Android devices, you can access your account information no matter where the day takes you. You might still hire a professional at tax time, but Wave can help you simplify your processes throughout the year.

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