Tools We Love: Canva

Good design isn’t just pretty — it’s about giving customers a first impression that makes them want to start a relationship with your business. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the money to hire a full-time graphic artist, nor do we have the time to learn the advanced ins-and-outs of Adobe Illustrator or other design software. But never fear! Canva is here!
4 Reasons We Love It

Let’s Get It Started
Canva is absolutely free (though premium features are available) and it lives right there on your browser. Yep… You don’t have to install a thing. While you work, it auto-saves your progress on the cloud, so you’re not limited to creating designs on just one device.


Elements at Your Fingertips
Canva has a ton of pre-defined layouts for dozens of projects for print and web (with more on the way). Want to make a new Facebook banner? Sure thing — and they’ll even give you a few sample layouts to play with, too.

Plus there’s a huge library of icons, shapes, and word art that you can resize, crop, or re-color.


Good Design, Simplified
Another thing that makes Canva a joy to work with is the automatic guides that it generates when you’re moving an object around. Anyone who has ever spent ten minutes carefully nudging layers in Photoshop will love how easy it is to align elements quickly and intuitively.


Format and Function
Canva gives you tons of options for creating a well-designed, well, anything. And when you need to export your design for print or web, it’s as easy as a few clicks. So go ahead and make that awesome flyer in Canva. When you print it out, it’ll look just as lovely.

Our Favorite Feature

From your Facebook banner to your avatar to your printed flyers, an appealing design has the ability to get your foot in the door, in an instant. Canva might be just the tool to help!

Canva will never replace Illustrator for our hardcore design needs, but Canva has been an amazing help when it comes to churning out stunning flyers, wall posts, and other marketing collateral. It’s surprisingly fast and easy to create stunning, professional designs.

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