Tools We Love: Toggl

Ugh, project bloat.

It’s happened to all of us: that quick-and-easy project turns out to be neither of those things. When something we thought we could finish in a day seeps into the rest of the week, that’s the dreaded project bloat. Unfortunately, project bloat is a fact of life for entrepreneurs, isn’t it?

Not necessarily. You want to save time on your next project? Track it with Toggl.

4 Reasons We Love It

More Info, More Insight
The first step to avoiding project bloat is to have a concrete idea of how much time it really takes to accomplish a task. Ever wondered how long it really takes you to finish a project? Track your time with Toggl and never wonder again.

For example, if you’re a designer, you can track your time to find out exactly how long it takes for you to design a logo. No more wondering!


Pricing Made Simple
Even if you charge a flat fee for services, you owe it to yourself and your business to make sure your compensation is equal to your time spent. But it can be tough to decide how to price our services.

On the one hand, we want to be competitive, but on the other, we want to make sure that we’re compensated fairly. Let’s say you’re re-considering your pricing structure. Take the guesswork out of it by using Toggl!


Take it Easy
Toggl works seamlessly as an app or a webpage, which means it’s easy as pie to keep your time tracking as accurate as possible. And switching between projects or clients is as simple as typing in a new task description or clicking on another client listing. Speaking of which…


All Accounted For
You can classify your activities in real-time based on client, project, and task. This is indispensable if you’re billing clients per hour. Plus, when you’re navigating a project with multiple stages, you can still make sure you’re paying yourself a fair wage.

For example, if you create custom-designed journals for customers, you can find out just how many hours it takes to finalize a design, how long it takes you to build the journal, et cetera.

Our Favorite Feature

We’ve tried spreadsheets, activity-tracking software, and even a good, old-fashioned watch-and-notepad combo, but nothing stuck until we found Toggl. Unlike time-tracking software that runs in the background, Toggl is less concerned with your desktop behavior and more interested in the time it takes for you to do the task at hand.

Your time matters — which is why we solopreneurs like us need to know as much as possible about how we’re spending our very limited budget.

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