Tools We Love: Trello

Ah, Trello, the apple of our eyes. What started as a parking lot for random article ideas and shopping lists has become a mainstay in our creative working lives.

It’s a simple enough idea: an online corkboard that works across multiple platforms (desktop, tablet, smart phone) and is available any time, anywhere. Team collaboration is a cinch, and it works just as well for planning a start-up as it does for planning a dinner party.


4 Reasons We Love It

A Place for Everything
Trello is a perfect task-management tool for people who are ever-so-slightly scatterbrained. All those little pieces of information, those random to-do lists, and reminders can find a place on your Trello boards.


Don’t Miss A Thing
Trello is available on your tablet, desktop, or phone, and because it works in the cloud, your changes register almost instantly. The multi-platform functionality means that no matter what, you’ll always be able to save that idea that suddenly popped into your brain.


Tasks, Managed
We used to keep around a scatter of notebooks to document my ideas, and the results were as haphazard as you would expect.

But keeping these stray, undeveloped thoughts in a Trello idea bank lets us come back to them later and easily categorize and scroll through them whenever we’re stuck with a bout of writer’s block.


Functionality, Thy Name is Trello
The incredible thing about Trello is the range of ways that you can use it. Almost anything that you can do with a physical bulletin board, you can do with Trello (and that includes sharing the latest shots of Little Boo).

Want to plan a project, create a to-do list, and maintain a group shopping list? Trello is perfect for that.

Our Favorite Feature

We fell in love with Trello when we realized we could use it in so many different ways. It’s expandable, easy-to-update board for all of our project-related to-do lists, and it’s just as great for collaborative work as it is for our solo projects.

If you need a more-casual project management tool, this may be the tool for you.

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