Tools We Love: Hootsuite

You’re told over and over again that your social-media presence could be your first “meeting” with a potential customer, but it’s a challenge to post throughout the day when you’ve got your hands full running a business — and, for most of us, working our regular day jobs.

One easy (free!) solution? Schedule ahead of time and breathe easy with Hootsuite.

4 Reasons We Love It

Pick a Time, Any Time

Hootsuite gives you the incredible luxury of being in two places at once. Well. Sort of.

Want to schedule a Linked In post promoting your new webinar at 12:45pm tomorrow, but have a lunch meeting during that time? No problem — schedule it in advance with Hootsuite and skip that sneaky, under-the-table update.

For those of us who didn’t realize we could schedule social-media posts ahead of time, this was a revelation.


Everything in One Place

No need to worry about logging into multiple sites — you can do it all from your Hootsuite dashboard, so long as you’ve connected your accounts.

At press time, the free version lets you connect up to three accounts to your dashboard, which we admit you may grow out of sooner rather than later. However, if you’re just starting out on social media, that may be enough.


Organized Analytics

Even in the free version, Hootsuite users can find out how engaging your current content is to your followers. As with most things, knowledge is power. What do your followers really want to see from you?

The first step to reaching an audience (whether it’s through social media or traditional marketing) is to understand what they’re actually interested in. One great way to find out is to see what’s actually getting clicks.


Breathe Easy, Post Often

Who among us hasn’t struggled to keep her social media feeds active and engaging? It’s not just about finding the best links to share or coming up with the quippiest status updates. It’s also about having a spare moment to actually post something.

Don’t have time every day to post something new? No big deal! Set aside a half-hour or so every week and never have to worry about Twitter-fading again.

Our Favorite Feature

We fell in love with Hootsuite when we realized we could be prepared and inspired. While there was always room for spontaneous tweets and status updates, we could rest easy knowing that one busy day wouldn’t mean social-media silence.

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