Tools We Love: Sleep Cycle

Those of us who regularly work the third shift know that getting out of bed some mornings can be, ahem, challenging. (At least, that’s the polite word for it.) But there’s no shortage of proof that getting up even a little bit earlier has some incredible benefits.

Sadly, there’s no magic solution to waking up every morning feeling rested and bright-eyed… Other than getting a full 8 hours of sleep every night. Unfortunately for most of us, that’s probably not going to happen for us any time soon.

Even so, there are ways to make our mornings a little bit more pleasant. Enter: Sleep Cycle, the bedside app that’s making it easier than ever to rise and shine.

4 Reasons We Love It

Good Morning, Bright Eyes

By monitoring your sleep throughout the night, Sleep Cycle will wake you up at the lightest possible sleep phase, meaning you’re far less likely to hit the snooze bar. It’s strange, really – although you might end up waking up around 30 minutes earlier than usual, you’ll likely feel much more alert.


Learn Your Sleep Quality

The app tracks more than just the time you spend in bed. Every morning, you can view an easy-to-read graph of your sleep activity throughout the night. This turned out to be more useful than we expected. On days when we spent 8 hours in bed but felt tired in the morning, our poor sleep score showed us that our grogginess was not all in our (bed)heads.


Get a Smarter Snooze

We admit it… We’re snooze-a-holics. Even when the app wakes us in our lightest sleep phase, we still can’t resist sneaking in another minute or two under the covers. Not to worry. Sleep Cycle features intelligent snooze. Each time you hit “snooze,” the time period becomes a little shorter, which means you’ll wake even more gently.

Our Favorite Feature

In earlier versions of the app, users would have to place their smart phones under their pillows. While this wasn’t a huge inconvenience, it could get a little annoying during the summer when the charging phone could get a bit warm.

A new update now lets you skip that step entirely and place the phone on your nightstand, instead. For us, the tracking has been as accurate as the under-pillow method.

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